Join us to make a positive impact on people and earth

We are a non-profit organisation determined to promote #ClimateAction

Find out how you can make a positive impact in the lives of millions of people
in low-income countries
while supporting clean energy and tree planting worldwide

Because you πŸ’š nature

Together, we can change the world for ourselves
and the generations to come

We support the best in #ClimateAction

Effectiveness and transparency to generate durable positive impact on people and earth.

We support clean energy projects overseen by the United Nations
that address the Sustainable Developing Goals in low-income countries.

Trees are planted in Haiti and Nepal,
in collaboration with the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects that
creates more opportunities for local people.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results

You can be a climate positive consumer !

Our T-shirts ain’t just clothing, but an iconic symbol of environmental activism πŸ’ͺ

It is a top quality T-shirt made of 100% certified organic cotton, toxic free, fair trade and PETA-Approved Vegan.

Last but not least, for every T-shirt sold, we plant 5 trees in low-income countries.

Offset your carbon footprint
Daily activities like charging the smartphone, taking the car, go shopping, and so on have attached a carbon footprint, a fraction of carbon dioxide – CO2 – that is released into the atmosphere warming the planet.

Most of these emissions are difficult to avoid – we know it – but we can help you to offset them easier as ever.

Find out what is your CO2 carbon footprint and take the opportunity to offset it by supporting clean energy projects in low-income countries.

──────── the easiest solution to
offset your CO2 carbon footprint


Customers prefer sustainable companies
8 out of 10 customers are changing purchase preference based on the social or environmental impact of their purchase. We can help you to calculate, reduce and offset the carbon footprint of your business.

Connect with your customers to let them know that you are CO2 neutral ✌️


No matter whether you are a business or individual, your positive impact partner




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