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We are a non-profit organisation determined to promote #ClimateAction

Find out how you can make a positive impact in the lives of millions of people
in low-income countries
while supporting clean energy and tree planting worldwide

Because You 💚 Nature

Together, we can change the world for ourselves
and the generations to come

Summer 2021 in the Pyrenees, Spain

#ClimateAction for this decade

We only support high-class clean energy projects that address United Nations’ Sustainable Developing Goals in low-income countries.

Trees are planted in Haiti and Nepal,
in collaboration with the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects that
creates more opportunities for local people.

Planting native trees responsibly in degraded areas aids biodiversity and creates more opportunities for local people [know more]

You can easily finance clean energy projects worldwide and combat global warming [take action]

We create educational content and guide companies to have a strong environmental strategy

Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results the easiest solution to support
clean energy and tree planting

Whether you are a business or individual, your positive impact partner