ewo.is an open community
of climate conscious people

The reason we initiated this project is the environmental crisis that endangers our future and that of our kids. Carbon dioxide – CO2 – levels today are at their highest in the last 800,000 years. Greenhouse gases warm the atmosphere, impacting all ecosystems on Earth. Desertification spreads and ancient ice is melting down. Forest mass is transformed into livestock areas. Plastic waste is everywhere, and so on.

Earth is degrading by leaps and bounds as consequence of the heavy consumption of the natural resources and the enormous amount of waste that is generated every day.

Climate change is a global problem🌍
a complex issue that requires everyone’s participation

I am industrial engineer living in Germany with my family since 2010, and I can tell there is no impossible challenge for me.
I 💚 nature and ewo is my contribution to reverse #ClimateChange 🌍
I have worked for many years as manager of energy and environmental strategy in international companies.
ewo is my bet for #ClimateAction 💚
Planet × Life × Future
Here we go! ✌️

I have a degree in business and worked in the banking sector for 10+ years. Today I am dedicated to make this world a better place for my son.
ewo is my 💚 journey to #EnvironmentalActivism

This project is supported by dozens of good friends
and unknown climate conscious people that share the very same concern.
To all those who are part of this community :

Thank you !