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Offset your carbon footprint


Home appliances, driving the car, go shopping and many more have attached a carbon footprint, a fraction of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere warming the planet.

Most of these emissions are difficult to avoid – we know it – but you can take action and neutralize them easier as ever. Every small change may have a big impact.

Find out what is the CO2 carbon footprint per capita of your country here and take the opportunity to offset each ton for only 2.99 EUR. The money will be dedicated to funding wind turbine projects supervised by the United Nations.

Last but not least, once completed your purchase, you will have access to a digital badge that we would love you to share on your social networks 🙂

How many tons of CO2 do you want to offset?

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Once processed your order, we will send you a separate email with your offset details. We acquire all tonnes of carbon dioxide from the United Nations, in so doing, the offset is trustworthy and supports developing projects in low-income countries.

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