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Plant 10 trees 🌳


The rate of deforestation is estimated at 10 million hectares (14 million football pitch) per year 😢

You can now support tree planting in low-income countries like Nepal (this project, for instance, embraces gender equality (SDG5) as the leadership team is composed entirely of women), Brazil, Madagascar, Haiti …

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All trees are planted in collaboration with the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects.
They have alreaday planted 700+ millions trees across 9 countries and collaborate with organisations like browser Ecosia.

Why 10 trees?

Some studies suggest that 1 trillion trees should be planted to mitigate climate change.

The total population in high-income countries is 1,2 billion people with a life expectancy of 80 years.

Trees need / (Population × Life expectancy) = 10 trees per year


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